Build-On Tutorial:

Job Charts

Job Tracking Template: Job Charts



Your team can now get a quick overview of the status of a job: how many tasks are in each phase, and how much time has been spent, both billable and non-billable.

What’s next?

Now that you have built some charts, think of what else you might want a visual for. Do you want to show your team a chart summarizing multiple jobs? Or showing hours spent so far this quarter, across the whole company? Or showing tasks by assignee? Think about what information will be valuable for your team, and what kind of chart would best express it. There are many resources for FileMaker charting. Here is one place to begin:

Creating charts from data >

You may also want to explore supplemental information about the techniques used in this tutorial:

Defining summary fields >
Formatting and scaling chart axes >
Example: charting delimited data >

If your team is new to the FileMaker platform, they may benefit from this:

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