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Tutorial 101: Lesson 2

Using FileMaker Pro Advanced

FileMaker Essentials

Now that you've had a chance to preview some FileMaker Sample Apps, you're ready to start learning how to use FileMaker Pro Advanced. To become a good developer, it helps to first be a great user.

This involves understanding how to quickly find and manipulate data using the tools available in menu commands, the status toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts.

You’ll see the three ways you can view data in FileMaker Pro Advanced:

  1. as a form
  2. as a list, and
  3. as a table

You’ll get comfortable with the different “modes” of FileMaker, including a mode specific to searching, and a different mode for browsing data. And you’ll learn how to do both simple and complex queries of your data, so you can find the set of records you want to act on.

Why is this important?

  • Core concepts like views, modes, and found sets are central to thinking like a FileMaker developer.
  • The better you are at using FileMaker Pro Advanced, the better you'll be at developing and maintaining FileMaker solutions.


FileMaker Pro Advanced

Learn how users interact with FileMaker apps to find and manipulate data.

Concepts covered:

  • Logging in: Use FileMaker Pro Advanced security to require individual logins (0:35)
  • Using modes: Learn the differences between Browse, Find, Preview, and Layout modes (0:58)
  • Searching data: See the flexibility of Find mode for targeting the specific data you need to find (2:46)
  • Exporting data: Convert data to other formats to share outside of FileMaker (4:41)
  • Changing layouts: Enter Layout mode to manipulate what users see on the screen (5:30)

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