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Tutorial 202: Lesson 6

Do More With Calculations

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Getting more from your calculations

Functions are predefined formulas provided by FileMaker Pro Advanced, which you can use in calculations to return a wide range of useful information. You can manipulate text, find out what device your user is on, or even make logical if/then branches, all within a calculation. You’ll use date functions to set up a rolling list of appointments coming up in the next week. Then you’ll write a script that uses multiple calculations to pre-populate an email template, so users can remind clients of their upcoming appointments.

You’ll also use the IsEmpty() function to test whether a field contains any value, so you can choose whether to display a relevant message. These calculations can take significant work off your users, and make scripts and layouts “smarter.”

Why is this important?

  • Functions super-charge your calculations. Use these predefined formulas and let FileMaker do the heavy lifting for you!
  • Many business rules require conditional logic: “If this, then do that; otherwise calculate this other way.” Coding this logic will make your app reflect your business, saving users from having to make those leaps on their own.

Video 1

Creating a dynamic list of next week’s visits

Create a list view for visits, and a script using a calculation that will always find the upcoming week’s visits, every time it is run.

In this video, you will:

  • Create Visits list: add a layout to view upcoming visits
  • Use Get(CurrentDate): find the upcoming week’s visits with a “today + 6 days” calculation
  • Go to detail view: write a script to navigate to the detail for a chosen Visit

Video 2

Sending email reminders

Use calculations in the Send Email script step to auto-populate an email reminder with the client’s information, including the number of days until their visit.

In this video, you will:

  • Use Send Email script step: begin to write an email script (1:58)
  • Merge data: create an email template in the script with client data (2:10)
  • Use branching logic in a calculation: change the result of the calculation based on its inputs (2:51)
  • Add spacing: make long calculations more legible (5:21)
  • Hide object: show an “email sent” message only if the visit has had a reminder already (7:38)

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